We opted to use Ethereum and Polygon bridge technology due to the number of developers building on the platform, the ability to recruit initial players as well as additional advantages such as its popularity and low fees.


The blockchain ecosystem is currently facing numerous problems such as slow transactions, low transaction throughput, and high fees. Polygon (Matic) Network is able to provide faster transactions and low fees by using an adapted version of the Plasma framework.

As for the low transaction throughput problem, it is solved by using a ​Block Producer layer to produce the blocks. Block Producers enable the system to produce blocks at a very fast rate and lower fees. The system ensures decentralization using PoS checkpoints which are pushed to the Ethereum mainchain thus enabling a large number of transactions on a single side chain.


Continuum World will be using the well-known ERC20 standard for the main UM token (fungible token), in addition to the ERC721 and ERC1155 for the NFTs (non-fungible tokens): UMi related (clothing NFT), Lands-relatd (lands, decorations, etc.), and other assets. By using these tokens, we guarantee the user ownership of their tokens and assets.

In order to take advantage of the already mentioned benefits such as faster transactions and low Polygon fees, a bridge is required to connect the Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon. This bridge is what will allow users to transfer(deposit/withdraw) tokens from the Mainnet to the Polygon network.

Continuum World uses a Polygon marketplace and its single currency is the UM which can be exported through the bridge and sold freely both on the Mainnet and as well as on Polygon.

Users who purchase or have already purchased UM or NFT externally (via Uniswap, Opensea, etc.) will be required to deposit them through the bridge to be able to use them in the game.

It is entirely possible that some players do not own a wallet on the blockchain due to Continuum World being a Free-2-Play game. In such cases, a special wallet will be generated and managed with all the necessary elements to ensure its presence on the blockchain. Players who wish to withdraw their assets can do so by requesting them directly. Once we have received their request, we will directly send them their assets.

Game Engine

The Godot Engine engine will be used to develop our game, as we have always believed in the power and flexibility of open-source tools.


Godot is a powerful, fast, and flexible open-source platform that enables rapid editing and iteration in development cycles, with real-time previews of the work.

Thanks to Godot, the content created, can easily be deployed to any platform such as: PC, mobile, consoles, etc.

Godot Engine is a complete suite of development tools for anyone working with real-time technology. It provides creators across multiple industries the freedom and control required to deliver cutting-edge entertainment, compelling visualizations, and immersive virtual worlds.

Official Continuum World Whitepaper, last update April 2024