Continuum World

Official Continuum World Whitepaper, last update April 2023
Continuum World is a Free-2-Play & Play-2-Earn MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game where players can explore the wonders of the new world, construct various buildings and collect resources. In addition, players can also level up their characters, compete with one another, socialize among themselves, and earn the game's own $UM Token.
Continuum World is built by a team of experienced gaming and blockchain executives (Playchain Pte. LTD in Singapore) and is pioneering the Gaming industry by adopting the latest trends and technologies such as yield-generating NFT assets and a growing player-owned economy with the potential to attract millions of gamers.
The Vision
We wish to break the status quo and allow players to become our partners. Our goal is to reward players for their contributions to the ecosystem. Our goal is to implement this on a large scale by lowering the barriers of entry to the minimum and attracting millions of players who have never used Blockchain technologies before.
Our team is developing a fun game, with a proven model (farming + MMO) and social network features as well as a high earning potential thanks to its numerous Play-2-Earn opportunities.
Players are able to earn by:
  • Gathering resources while exploring the world.
  • Purchasing and farming their Land by constructing unique buildings.
  • Leveling up their UMi (avatar) and selling it on the marketplace.
  • Participating in various activities such as races with the world's native fauna.
  • Staking the game’s $UM token.
Our dream is to change the world with our game.
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