Revenue Streams

Continuum World will follow the game-as-a-service model, meaning new features will be periodically added to the game. In order to keep the economy flowing in the right direction, Continuum World will use fees as a potential revenue stream. Players will be required to pay fees when performing specific actions. At the moment, fees will be applied to the following actions:
  • Selling NFT land: Players are required to pay a 5.5% fee upon successfully selling NFT land in our Land Marketplace.
  • Players are required to pay a fee of 5 $UMs when transferring NFTs to their wallets.
  • A free withdrawal is available every 15 days. Upon spending the free withdrawal, players will be required to pay a 15% fee for each withdrawal. However, for each day that passes upon spending the free withdrawal, the fee will be reduced by 1% until it reaches 0% again. For example, if 14 days pass from when you spend your free withdrawal, your transaction fee will be 1%. The daily withdraw limit is 100,000 UM and the monthly limit 1,000,000 UM. These limits only applies to funds obtained as rewards playing the game (not the deposits made by the user).
Please note that any and all fees are subject to change, however, all users will be notified prior to any changes being made.
All revenue generated from fees and other sources will be placed in the Continuum World Treasury which is governed by Continuum World holders.
Last modified 9mo ago