Revenue Streams
Continuum World will follow the game-as-a-service model, meaning new features will be added periodically. In order to keep the economy flowing in the right direction, Continuum World can potentially earn revenue from fees. Players have to pay fees when executing some specific actions. For now, these are the primary fees in our game:
  • Selling a NFT land: there is a 5.5% fee when successfully selling a NFT land in our Land Marketplace.
  • Withdrawal: A free withdrawal is available every 15 days. After the free withdrawal, there is a 15% fee, but every day the fee is reduced by 1% until reaching 0% again. For example, 14 days after a free withdrawal, the fee would be 1%.
Occasionally, these fees might vary, but users will be notified beforehand of any variation
All the fees and revenue generated by Continuum World will be placed in the Continuum World Treasury which is governed by Continuum World holders.
Last modified 30d ago
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