Continuum World aims to provide an exceptional opportunity for players across the globe thanks to its "Play-2-Earn" system brought via balanced and robust economics, supported by both in-game and blockchain mechanics.
The $UM Token
Continuum World's native Token $UM is a multifunctional utility and payment Token. It is the lubricant of the world.
It will serve as the native in-game currency within the ecosystem and also as the governance and staking resource.
Token demand will be driven by in-game utility. Players will initially leverage $UM to acquire digital assets such as tools, land, avatar customisations, crafts, buildings and equipment.
They will also become incentivised to earn the Token to get passive benefits, participate in the ecosystem governance by voting, upgrade NFT assets, gain access to certain content, participate in specialty challenges, Token staking and more.
The economics are built in a way where Free-2-Play users can achieve the same goals with enough dedication although we expect that power users will purchase Tokens and progress faster — by purchasing lands, setting up buildings and equipment, selling game items with benefit, etc. As in most games, we anticipate the majority of our revenue will come from those power users & spenders.
Community Treasury
Continuum’s team is firmly committed to supporting a fully decentralised protocol with the $UM Token as a backbone of our economy and as such they will assign 100% of all Net Revenues to the Treasury:
  1. 1.
    Staking/Farming Yield: Net revenues from NFT asset sales and marketplace will be contributed to the staking pool and distributed amongst the stakers. This will create monetary incentives for the most committed and motivated players.
  2. 2.
    Play-2-earn Rewards: When the initial pool is depleted, rewards will be sent from the Treasury.
Token Distribution
The planned token distribution is the following:
Total Token Supply
Community- Play to Earn/Staking
Marketing & Partnerships
Initial Liquidity
Public Sale
Private Sale
Team & Development
Total $UM
Responsible Vesting is incorporated to the different categories:
Community: Released in yield farming, strategic incentives, ranking rewards, etc; 5% released monthly for 20 months after month 6
Marketing: Used in activities like grants, strategic campaigns, etc; 2.5% released monthly for 40 months after month 1
Reserve: For future fundraising or acquisitions 2.5% released monthly for 40 months after month 9
Liquidity: For DEX Listings. Available on TGE Day.
IDO/Public Sale: 50% unlocked at TGE, Cliff 30 days then 50% unlocked
Pre-Sale: 15% TGE; 30 days cliff and block linear vesting thereafter (fully unlocked in 12 months)
Advisors, Team & Development: 0% unlocked at TGE; 6 months cliff then block linear vesting thereafter (fully unlocked in 24 months)
LANDs are NFT tokens, using the ERC-721 standard for NFTs, representing parcels on the Continuum World. There will be a fixed supply of LAND, making it scarce. Users will be able to own a portion of the metaverse. They are necessary to place other available assets.
Those other assets will be necessary for the in-game mechanics, and they will be available at the Marketplace. Some examples are power generators, fish farms, windmills, or solar panels.
There will be different sizes and qualities of LAND, which will affect their prices and the farming potential.
The LAND sales will be executed in different auctions announced at a later date.
The Marketplace will be a feature where users can buy and sell their LAND, UMIs and other assets in a free market, which will increase financial incentives for users to purchase and enhance their NFTs.
Users will use $UM as a currency within the Marketplace, and a fee will be applied in every transaction.
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