Q2 2021:
-Concept presentation. ✔️
Q3 2021:
-Alpha version of the website and video teaser. ✔️
-Improved UI/UX based on the community’s feedback. ✔️
-"UMis Origin" NFT Drop. ✔️
-Token Pre-Sale. ✔️
Q4 2021:
-IDO. ✔️
-$UM Staking Yield program begins. ✔️
Q1 2022:
-Lands Pre-Sale. ✔️
-Binance Lands Redeem.✔️
-Birdum Egg Give Away.✔️
Q2 2022:
-Full Map Navigation.✔️
-Lands Marketplace.✔️
-NFT Lands Minting.✔️
-UMi Editor.✔️
-UMi Boxes.✔️
Q3 2022:
-Map Event Game
Q4 2022
-Birdum Eggs
-Alpha Launch
Q1 2023
-Birdum Races
Q2 2023
-Mobile Version
-Beta Launch
Q3 2023
-Gold Version
-Governance DAO set up
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